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Integrity Laundry Services, LLC is a full-service commercial laundry company servicing the Panhandle of Florida and the Alabama Coast.

The company started operations in January 2000 under the name Resort Laundry Services, LLC.  At that time the operations only handled vacation management companies.

Our Services

Braun Washers

  • Washes up to 400 lbs. per hour
  • Steam injected (maximum heat opens up the cotton)
  • State of the are chemical injection system
  • Computer programmable for multiple wash cycles to meet your specific needs
  • All stainless steel pockets
  • Customized wash cycles for your special needs

Braun gas dryer

  • Dries up to 425 lbs. in 30 min
  • Cool down for wrinkle free terry
  • Condition 200 lbs. of sheets in five min.for ironer
  • All stainless-steel drum inside dryer

Braun steam ironer

  • Three roll ironers
  • Stainless steel plates
  • Clean pressed linen
  • Folds all linen by size

Our Clients

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