Braun Washers

  • Washes up to 400 lbs. per hour
  • Steam injected (maximum heat opens up the cotton)
  • State of the are chemical injection system
  • Computer programmable for multiple wash cycles to meet your specific needs
  • All stainless steel pockets
  • Customized wash cycles for your special needs

Braun gas dryer

  • Dries up to 425 lbs. in 30 min
  • Cool down for wrinkle free terry
  • Condition 200 lbs. of sheets in five min.for ironer
  • All stainless-steel drum inside dryer

Braun steam ironer

  • Three roll ironers
  • Stainless steel plates
  • Clean pressed linen
  • Folds all linen by size

Ingersoll rand air system

  • Provides air to all are pneumatic systems that runs are equipment
  • Has a scrubber system that controls water vapors in are air lines

Braun small folders

  • French folds
  • Can process 400 lbs. per hour
  • All stainless steel plates

UNX chemical injection system

  • Computer programmed for multiple chemical injections
  • Auto flush on all chemical lines per injection
  • Setup for multiple wash cycles
  • UNX system communicates with all washers in our facility

Bruan sorting conveyor

  • All laundry is sorted by product
  • Removal of any foreign debris
  • Report to our customers of any missus of product

Horizontal hurst boiler

  • This provides the steam injection to heat are water in the wash cycles
  • Steam loop system to heat our plates on ironer

Transfer carts

  • Shop carts and deliver carts are sanitized daily
  • All products are checked for quality control before being shipped
  • Delivery carts with clean product are shrink wrapped
  • We provide all customers with carts for their cleans and dirty linen (no charge)

Trucks ( transportation services )

  • We have never missed a deadline on our out bound service
  • Trucks run 7 days per week and evenings

Additional services/information

  • Rewash program (no charge)
  • Cleaning rag program (no charge)
  • Help control inventory (training of staff)
  • Additional items we can process (bedspreads, blankets, mattress pads, rugs, shower curtains and more……)

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